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IT-Technologie – Ein feiner Oktober 2012 Standort


Can you please provide the process from internal order to settlement for assets.

And is the process is same for normal assets and AUC?.

Can we change the Order Status for AUC?


2. Give the relevant detials and go to investment tab and give investment profile.

4. Then release the internal order in KO02.

5. Then go to GB60 and post a invoice with this internal order as account assignment object.

6. GO to KO02 and in extras see the order balance. that amount would be reflected in the order.

8. Now go to KO02 and see the order balance it would show 0 as it is moved to AUC.

9. now go to KO02 and change the status of internal order to “TECO complete”.

10 Now go to KO88 and execute the order and now the AUC is credited and your asset is debited.

This is the exhaustive steps which i think wil solve your purpose.

But make sure the configuration about the order type and investment profile are properly maintained.



The whole Process of Order Settlement is as follows

1. Create an AUC Asset under AUC Asset Class

2. Maintain Allocation Structure –>OKO6

3. Maintain Settlement profile. –>OKO7

4. Maintain Budget Profi;le and Assign Tolerance limits for Availability Control.

5. Define Order Type and assign Settlemet profile, Budget Profile and Planning Profile –>KOT2

6. Create Internal Order –>KO01

7. Allocate Budget to Internal Order –>KO22 – Change

8. Order Settlement –>KO88 – Individual Processing

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